October 17, 2016

…not gonna lie, this has nothing to do with a George Formby song.  Nor has it anything to do with *cleaning* windows.  Just windows themselves.

A particular set of random windows captured on the narrow streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico in November 2015.

Anyone who’s read my previous blog posts will know I have a bit of a thing for ‘bits’ of buildings, much more so these days than the whole structure itself.  So when walking around the streets of San Juan for a couple of hours during the short visit we made on our cruise trip, I really liked the fantastic colours of the buildings (think Tobermory but in the tropics), and the individual design and character of each building’s windows and little balconies (mostly so-called  Juliet balconies).

I love these, they remind me of little postcards – I’ll probably print a set of these to frame on my wall at some point.

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