Around the end of the year I usually always do some kind of post, somewhere – whether on my own site or my various social media pages with my favourite images from the closing year.  So here’s my selection for 2016.

For many reasons, the last few years have been quiet shoot-wise – my focus has been elsewhere, primarily on work.. but I’ve become very conscious of this lately.  It’s time to return to much more regular shooting, rebuild my network of contacts and get back behind the camera again.  I’m looking to do some new collaborations in 2017, to try to regain what I once knew as my ‘mojo’.

So in this small selection (from admittedly, a pretty small pool of contenders!) – you’ll find three of what I’d call my trademark headshot.  There’s two ringlight headshots and a couple of Declan out on the streets of Glasgow – which is where I need to return next year.

Speaking of 2017, it’s nearly here – so to all, have a great festive period… and stay tuned in ’17.


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