Test Shoots (March/April 2017)

It’s been a a fair while since I was actively shooting with models, actors and performers out on the streets of Glasgow.

To that end, it’s time I got back out there again, so I’m looking for some new collaborative opportunities in the coming months, leading into the spring.

I’m looking primarily for:

  • Agency ‘new faces’
  • Musicians/performers
  • Actors
  • Someone with a ‘story’ to tell that might benefit from some creative shots – bloggers… writers… try me!

Bear in mind that I shoot out on the street.  I travel light, no makeup artist, no studio sets… we wander till we find something interesting.  Any wardrobe changes… you’ll need to plan those carefully!

It’ll be weekends or weekday evenings, and highly weather dependant.   But if you’re interested, get in touch using the form below.  Do send a link to your existing portfolio/Instagram/FB or whatever you use to promote yourself.

I’ll be doing only a (very small) handful of these shoots over the next couple of months, so apologies if I can’t accommodate every request.

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