October 11, 2016

New York, New York

I’ve only spent a couple of days in New York.  These shots were taken in the brief time I was there in November 2015.

Despite all the hype about New York as the ‘greatest city on earth’ – I had never had much of an urge to visit.  I think these two images however have changed that very much.  I deeply want to go back in the next couple of years.

This visit to NYC was at the end of a holiday cruise, taking in some of the islands of the Eastern Caribbean.  I’ll show some of the images from that trip on a separate post.

But these three shots actually make me want to return to New York with the sole intention of capturing it the way I have done in other cities; London, Berlin, Glasgow etc.  The iconic Manhattan skyline is recognisable the world over – the dusk shot taken from a boat tour on the coldest day I have ever experienced – and the shot with the Statue of Liberty, taken from the deck of our cruise liner (Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas) on the morning we docked in the cruise terminal at Bayonne.

But it’s not sweeping cityscapes I’m urged to go back and take.  I want to take a couple of days walking around the city living it through a telephoto lens as I have done so many times before.   Little bit by bit, window and door by air vent and parking sign.  It’s the little bits of buildings that interest me, probably more than the building as a whole.  Repeating patterns, little pools of light, obscure shapes and shadows in the structure and mundane features of the buildings themselves.

I can see so much potential in these skylines for endless shots just like that.

I’m definitely going back.

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