October 12, 2016

Beth (Headshots)

In recent years, as my photography has moved in a different direction, leaning much more significantly towards people, a particular focus has been on headshots, primarily (but far from exclusively) for actors.

It’s often been said of me that I rarely ever shoot with women.  That’s true – it’s pretty rare that I do a shoot with a female subject now – and a lot of people believe that’s through personal choice.  It’s absolutely not.  But probably, as a result of the style of my images, I get comparatively few requests from female models or actors to shoot.

So I lept at the chance to shoot some new headshots for Beth, a Scot living and working in the big smoke in London.  We took the opportunity while she was home to visit family to update her headshots.

I love this set of images of Beth, and she’s quite a character and great fun to shoot with.  It’s great to have something a bit different in the book – I genuinely am not all about the blokes.

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