October 17, 2016

Picture it; Berlin, 2016.

A short holiday with a group of friends took me to Berlin for the first time this year.

Whilst I took my camera, I didn’t set out with any great specifics of things to photograph.   I came back from the holiday with a very small selection of images, just a couple of hundred – which to some may sound may, but as any photographer will tell you that is practically nothing at all.

However, reviewing the images I did come back with left me with a couple of very clear impressions.  Firstly, that despite the fact I haven’t really actively been out shooting on the streets of any city for quite some time, was that my style hasn’t changed.  The things I find myself drawn to haven’t changed, and my compositions are definitely ‘of a type’.  That’s good, right?  We all need to find our own styles as we evolve as photographers.

The second thing was the an obvious choice to focus on strong contrasting light and shadows.  Although I didn’t set out that way, I think I had made a subconscious decision to end up with a set of strong black and white images.

You’ll find these images generally full of lines, patterns and strong contrasts.  There’s a number of images from our trip to visit the Reichstag with it’s iconic glass dome – the patterns and lines in the structure, along with the silhouettes against the skyline were irresistible.

Of course there’s more to Berlin than the Reichstag (and the Brandenburg Gate).  I took in a couple of museums during my trip too.  The Jewish Museum, and the Neues Museum, with it’s Egyptian collection.  My main target to see in the latter was the famous bust of Nefertiti, Great Wife of the ‘heretic’ Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten.  Sadly, photography is not allowed in the exhibit of the iconic bust.

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