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Anyone for some retro gaming? I've had these two old STs in my cupboard now for 13+ years. If memory serves, the 520 has 1mb RAM and the 1040 was upgraded to a massive 4mb, though I have no way to verify that now. Both boot up, and there's a couple of mice, but I have no other disks or anything to go with them now.If you're in #Glasgow and like #atari, I'd be happy to pass them on to someone who'll use them. Send me a DM if you'd have a use for them.

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Since my special-faced little fucknut is away parading his wares (literally) for #LFW2016 this week, please find above the most-clothed you'll see my wean this week. I have to do this for the next week. You boys can all do something else with your hands. #kenflawproblems #notmanyclothes #coverseyes #recon #fetish #gayboyproblems #instagay #alwayswantedtousethathashtagonapicofkenf

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